Looking Beyond Trend and Into the Future of Automotive

NO Joke, She’s Set to Change the Automotive Experience Forever

In that moment of frustration mixed with a bit of embarrassment, I gained a new appreciation for that little push notification that comes through 24 hours in advance. The airline’s mobile app allows you to change your seat or order your meal, this is an example of self-service technology integrated into our everyday lives, so much so, we tend to not notice it.

According to Forrester 79% of customers would rather use self-service technologies rather than a human-assisted support channel. When we hear the words self-service a variety of actions come to mind. If someone is shopping online, or serving themselves at a Wholefoods buffet counter, isn’t that the same as checking in online or using an ATM machine?

The Webster Definition of self-service is the serving of oneself with goods or services to be paid for at a cashier’s desk or by using a coin-operated mechanism or a credit or debit card.

How does this integrate into the current automotive dealership world?

The evolution of self-service is now portable. Looking to the world around us there is evidence of this everywhere: ATM’s have become Venmo, Paypal and Zelle Pay. Self-Checkout at a store has become Amazon Prime; the delivery of goods in 2 hours or less. Gubhub has made all of our favorite restaurants available anytime from the palm of our hand.

This is the Future of Automotive Dealerships, but this isn’t the future, this is an experience familiar to our current everyday lives. Your automotive customer uses these self-service technologies daily, which makes it absolutely vital for a dealership to adapt their processes to stay current with modern day trends.

This is the purpose behind the launch of Carmen.

Carmen has been designed to replace the outdated processes in the automobile industry with modern, easy to use, digital alternatives which are more suitable and convenient for the modern tech-savvy consumers. Carmen increases a dealership’s efficiency with an end to end solution and profitability by leveraging machine learning AI to recommend the customer’s needs and predict exactly what the customer wants. We communicate these desires through modern personal avenues, resulting in a customer experience that is unique and personal every time.

Translating this to a dealership’s service workflow, imagine a text message (soon to be push notification) sent to a customer 24-hours in advance of their scheduled service appointment. That notification or text contains a link that simply says:

“Avoid the queues and checkin online, up to 24 hours in advance of your arrival.”

Now the customer clicks the link and enters into our AI/machine learning vehicle assistant. Her name is Carmen, and she walks the customer through the booking process, with recommended services that are relevant to the customer’s make, model, location, time of year, trend of purchases in the market, previous behaviors, and eventually emotional state. This is machine learning or Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictive learning analytics. She looks at all the data and daily she gets smarter, learning more with every customer interaction all over the world.

The booking process for a customer has also been updated. “57% of customers call to schedule a service appointment.”- Dialogtech. But if we look to the airline industry as a guide for automotive growth it shows, “83% of US adults now prefer to book their travel online”-CondorFerries. It’s not that the customer doesn’t want to schedule an appointment online, it’s that processes and the automotive vendors are antiquated. We revived the online scheduling process to be much more fluid and simple for the customer.



For the first release of Carmen, she is a widget in the corner of the dealership’s website that says “Book a Service Visit”, when you click on the widget and enter your phone number, you experience something that feels very personal. Like you are talking with your friend, as our CTO Bartek Czerwinski says, “Carmen is more human than a human, She knows you and your vehicle’s needs.” She remembers your past bookings and vehicles and using the AI predictions to recommend what a customer needs and when they need it. After the appointment is booked, she sends the customer a text with directions and a calendar invite, then another reminder 72 hours prior, and then a 24-hour advance arrival check-in link.

Carmen isn’t just bringing a modern feel to the customer, she is also bringing an unmatched level of efficiency to the drive. For specific DMS types, Carmen gathers enough relevant information before the customer arrives that an RO is automatically created and opened, triggered by the Carmen Arrive dealership employee app. At point of Video Walk-around, Carmen already knows what the concern is and has recommended additional services pertinent to the individual VIN. The customer already scheduled a loaner or received a ride-share credit from Carmen, and are off, never stepping foot into the dealership. The Dealership has now checked in and processed a customer and in less than 3 minutes.

Carmen’s key difference is the AI behind her, knowing what to do, when to do it, but the second release will blow your socks off.

The second release of Carmen will include voice interaction through Alexa and Carplay, the customer experience will be the first of its kind, the customer can say, “Hey Alexa book me a service appointment for my car” and Carmen will appear, becoming your personal vehicle assistant. It will also include a Pick-up and Delivery management system, and an equity mining and lease upgrade tool, which leads right into delivering test drives for customers as their vehicle is being serviced.

The biggest and most exciting change includes a customer facing app. Providing automotive customers a modern personalized experience familiar to their everyday lives. Placing the control and transparency of owning a vehicle in the hands of the customer… Literally.

Be the first to have Carmen, join me in a one-on-one session on how Carmen will modernize your dealership by clicking the link below: https://calendly.com/getcarmen/ or our landing page Getcarmen.com



About Carmen:

Carmen founders have automotive and technology backgrounds, as both, CEO, Jack Gardner, and CTO, Bartek Czerwinski are also co-owners of Quik.Auto

Phone: (877) 227-6369

Email address: info@getcarmen.com