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Meet Carmen,Your Personal Vehicle Assistant

Carmen has been designed to replace the outdated processes in the automobile industry with modern, easy to use, touchless digital alternatives.

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    Smart Schedule Online Booking

    mobile and website based widget with predictive learning

    In-Store Scheduler Platform

    creates a seamless process for advisors and BDC to book appointments

    Mobile Self Check-In

    first of its kind, 24 hour in advanced text prompting customers to self check in

    Upsell Recommended Maintenance Based On Time And Mileage

    Carmen understands customers’ intent, emotion readiness to buy and clearly presents items of needs and predicted wants

    Service Drive Video Walk Around

    protects you and the customer from the start of the visit

    Write The Repair Order With No Human Interaction

    saving dealerships countless hours, and giving the customer the modern experience they crave

    Manage Loaner Fleet & Pick Up and Delivery Service

    integration released in phase 2

    Assist Customers With Future Service Bookings

    automatic text service reminders based on miles, and time, and a simple link to smart scheduler

    Recall Notification

    text message notifications with smart schedule one click appointment booking

    Shop Loading

    (phase 2 release) full control of labor in the shop

    Automated Reminders Of Upcoming Appointments

    3 text message reminders, 1st confirms appointment with calendar invite and directions, 2nd a three day reminder, and 3rd a 24 hour advance check in notification

    Fully Integrated With CDK And DealerTrack With More DMS Integrations To Follow

    For more information please email us at or call us at (877) 227-6369

    Carmen is a product of Service Concierge, a Limited Company headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA.