Carmen’s Here, and She’s Making a Splash

Carmen, an AI Personal Vehicle Assistant, caused quite a commotion last Thursday, as she took the stage at her first-ever fixed-ops public appearance. Scoring the coveted Fixed-Ops Round Table’s First Place Award for Best Practice on her first debut. The response was an overwhelming 47% vote, which makes it hard to ignore the craving for more advanced technology in automotive aftersales.

Carmen introduces the first patented advance check-in process. Carmen diagnoses the vehicle with the customer, presents additional recommended services, and even gathers the signature to create the repair order all with a communicative AI experience and zero human interaction, saving countless hours at the dealership and freeing up the service drive.



Based on brand and location, “only 10- 21% of automotive customers book their appointments online”* is a staggering statistic in this day and age. There has to be a payoff for the customer to go to a dealer’s website, find the booking page, and actually book their appointment. How does your online scheduler save the customer time? That’s just it, until Carmen, there was no real value-added for the customer to book online. If anything it was more of a pain, hints why 80-90% of customers would call in, and wait on hold to book their service appointment, but 83% of those exact customers go online to book their airline flights. Why?

What’s the customer’s payoff for booking with Carmen? A seamless, touchless reservation and check in process much like the airlines. The customer does not have to speak to a single person at the dealership. Just simply hand them their keys and they are on their way.

Carmen is modernizing the customer experience and becoming a value add for dealerships to optimize time, reduce congestion in the service drive, and increase customer retention.

“Make it easy for me to do business with you, and I’ll do business with you for life.”

*Xtime statistics